Dokl Biol Sci, 2016, 470(1):240-243

Suppression of Ehrlich carcinoma growth by cobra venom factor

Cobra venom factor (CVF) depletes the complement system of the blood by forming stable convertase C3/C5 of the alternative pathway. We found that CVF from the Thailand cobra venom slows down the growth of subcutaneous Ehrlich carcinoma (EC) in mice at a dose of 1.7 nmol/g. Previously, we described a similar effect for the nerve growth factor (NGF) from the venom of this cobra. However, these factors did not exhibit either synergy or additive effect. On the contrary, they neutralized the antitumor effect of each other when they were administered simultaneously. Therefore, on the one hand, the NGF antitumor effect against EC manifests itself under the conditions of inflammation, and normal functioning of the complement system is necessary for this effect to occur. On the other hand, suppression of the humoral immune system leads to a slowdown of the EC growth, but administration of NGF prevents this.

Terpinskaya TI, Ulashchik VS, Osipov AV, Tsetlin VI, Utkin YN

IBCH: 3723
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