BIOCHIM BIOPHYS ACTA, 2018, 1860(12):2486-2498

Probing the effect of membrane contents on transmembrane protein-protein interaction using solution NMR and computer simulations

V. The interaction between the secondary structure elements is the key process, determining the spatial structure and activity of a membrane protein. Transmembrane (TM) helix-helix interaction is known to be especially important for the function of so-called type I or bitopic membrane proteins. In the present work, we present the approach to study the helix-helix interaction in the TM domains of membrane proteins in various lipid environment using solution NMR spectroscopy and phospholipid bicelles. The technique is based on the ability of bicelles to form particles with the size, depending on the lipid/detergent ratio. To implement the approach, we report the experimental parameters of “ideal bicelle” models for four kinds of zwitterionic phospholipids, which can be also used in other structural studies. We show that size of bicelles and type of the rim-forming detergent do not affect substantially the spatial structure and stability of the model TM dimer. On the other hand, the effect of bilayer thickness on the free energy of the dimer is dramatic, while the structure of the protein is unchanged in various lipids with fatty chains having a length from 12 to 18 carbon atoms. The obtained data is analyzed using the computer simulations to find the physical origin of the observed effects.

IBCH: 6604
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  1. Structural basis of molecular mechanisms of signal transduction by the type I integral membrane proteins (May 1, 2014 — December 31, 2018). Mineev K.S., Bocharova O.V., Goncharuk S.A., Nadezhdin K.D., Artem'eva L.E., Bocharov E.V., Bragin P.E., Goncharuk M.V., Lesovoy D.M., Nol'de S.B.. Grant, RSF.