Bull Exp Biol Med, 2018, 165(6):763-766

Peculiarities of the Formation of Antimeningococcus Immunity in Mice Immunized with Fragments of N. meningitidis IgA1 Protease.

We studied immunogenicity of two recombinant proteins FR.9 and FR.11-3 created on the basis of fragments of the primary structure of N. meningitidis IgA1 protease with different molecular weights containing different sets of T and B epitopes. The proteins actively protect animals infected with live virulent culture of meningococci, serogroups A, B, and C. Analysis of CD4, CD8, and CD19 lymphocyte populations in mouse blood showed predominant contribution of different cell populations to the formation of immune response to different proteins. Injection of FR.11-3 protein to animals did no affect the immunoregulatory index, hence, this protein can be used for creation of immunologically safe vaccine preparation.

IBCH: 7359
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