Multichannel hydrogel based on a chitosan–poly(vinyl alcohol) composition for directed growth of animal cells

In this study, a new method for production of hydrogels with oriented multichannel structure based on chitosan-poly(vinyl alcohol) compositions was developed. Microscopic and biological studies of the obtained hydrogels were conducted to determine the optimal composition, which would ensure that structure of the material mimics that of the epineurium and perineurium in a nerve. Structure of the hydrogels was adjusted by variation of the initial concentration of the precipitant, poly(vinyl alcohol), and acid in the chitosan compositions. A single cycle of freezing and thawing of the produced hydrogels resulted in lower structural heterogeneity, which is promising for the production of a scaffold that simulates the structure of the native peripheral nerve. in vitro cytotoxic assays showed biocompatibility of the manufactured hydrogels.

Sochilina AV, Budylin NY, Gamisonia AM, Chalykh AE, Zubov VP, Vikhrov AA

IBCH: 8129
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