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Head: Lev Patrushev, D.Sc, professor

Lev Patrushev, D.Sc, professordepart.
Tat'jana Kovalenkoj. r.
Natal'ja Patrushevares. eng.+7(495)3363822
Lyutsiya Dayanovares.

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Lev Patrushev

The PTENP1 pseudogene is methylated in normal endometrium as well as in endometrial hyperplasias and carcinomas in middle aged and elderly females (2018-12-03)

It was demonstrated that the bidirectional promoter of the PTENP1 pseudogene was methylated at a high frequency in all studied endometrial tissues, except for the normal endometrium of young females (17 - 34 years). We think that PTENP1 pseudogene methylation reflects the age related changes in the human body and may not be directly related to the endometrial cancer or endometrial hyperplasia.