Anton A. Polyansky


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1998–2003 Russia, Moscow Dept. of Biophysics, Faculty of Biological Sciences M.V. Lomonosov State University with honor

Scientific interests

My major interests are: 1) organization of biomolecular surfaces, 2) principles of polypeptide chain folding in different environments (water, water-lipid interface, membrane etc.), 3) mechanisms of protein oligomerization in the membrane medium, 4) protein-membrane and protein-RNA interactions, and 5) design of novel drugs, which have specific membrane targets.

In my research I use combined molecular modeling approaches. Among them are:

  • coarse-grained and atomistic computer simulations of proteins, peptides and drugs in explicit solvents and membrane systems (molecular dynamics, free energy estimation etc.);
  • molecular hydrophobicity potential calculations and surface analysis of biomolecules;
  • bioinformatics analysis of protein and RNA sequences.




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