Ekaterina N. Lebedenko

Personal information

After graduating from the Moscow State University Lebedenko E.N. works at Shemyakin/Ovchinnikov Institute of bioorganic chemistry:
1977-1985 in the Laboratory of genes chemistry ( the head - academician M.N. Kolosov);
1985-2000 in the Group of interleukins genetic engineering and Laboratory of genes expression mechanisms (the head - professor Yu.A. Berlin);
2000 to present  senior researcher of Laboratory of molecular immunology (the head - corr.member of RAS S.M. Deyev)


PeriodCountry, cityEducation institutionAdditional info
1959–1961 Russia, Moscow Secondary school №657
1961–1969 Russia, Moscow Secondary school №10
1970–1976 Russia, Moscow Moscow State University Honours degree

Scientific interests

antibody engineering, anti-tumor mini-antibodies, multifunctional molecular nanosize constructions

Awards & honors

The winner of Grand prize of IAPC “Nauka/ Interperiodica” for the best scientific publication in journals of this publisher in the year  1998. Together with G.V.Shpakovsky

Grants & projects

PeriodAdditional info
2011 RFBR 12-04-00757-а "Universal principle for self-assembly of oligomeric supramolecular complexes on the base of nano- and microparticles of different nature for tumor targeting".

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