Konstantin S. Mineev


PeriodCountry, cityEducation institutionAdditional info
2001–2007 Russia, Dolgoprudnyi MIPT M.S.
2007–2010 Russia, Dolgoprudnyi MIPT Ph.D. in biophysics

Scientific interests

NMR spectroscopy, membrane mimetics, spatial structures of membrtane proteins, activation mechanisms of receptor tyrosine kinases, protein folding

Structure of low molecular weight compounds, luciferin/luciferase systems

Awards & honors

Moscow Young Scientist award (biology) 2018.

Main scientific results

Determined spatial structures of more than 30 soluble and membrane proteins, elucidated several structures of low-molecular-weight compounds.

Scientific societies’ membership

FEBS member since 2011

Biophysical Society member in 2012-2013

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