The unit was disbanded in 2017.

Innovative center “Technopark”

Innovative centre “IBCH Industrial Park” is a sci-technical department of IBC RAS and was made for activation of sci-innovational activities of the Institute, increasing its efficacy and competitiveness in the area of fundamental and applied science. Main objects of the department are:

  1. creation infrastructure for innovational sci-research and development works in the Institute, which are made for next applied using of their results;
  2. service work for scientific departments of IBCh RAS on favorable terms to enlarge range of resources for scientific and sci-technical works;
  3. attraction partners and potential users of science intensive products for organization and financing joint innovational-applied projects;
  4. organization collective using of high-technological equipment to increase efficacy of its using and developing of the Institute’s equipment base.
Arkady Fradkov, Ph.D.s. r.
Ekaterina Barsova, Ph.D.r.
Lora Vagner, Ph.D.r.

Former members:

Dmitrij Shagin, Ph.D.s. r.

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Sergei Lukyanov

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