Vladimir Z. Pletnev

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The Laboratory is involved in study of three dimensional (3D) structure of the protein-peptide nature compounds by high resolution X-ray methods supported by molecular mechanics/dynamics/graphics and bioinformatics methods. The Laboratory studies proteins of different functional nature with emphasis on the structure-functional aspects of specificity of the ligand/substrate recognition and binding. 

In the present time, much attention in our lab is paid to structural study of the fluorescent proteins (FP) used as molecular bionanomarkers in cell biology, biotechnology and biomedicine for visualization and monitoring the internal processes within cells or whole organisms. A big series of FPs, emitting in green, yellow, red and far red spectral regions, has been studied in our Lab by high resolution X-ray methods. The following analysis of the structure-functional relation allowed to explain many experimentally observed properties and to design new mutant fluorescent variants with improved photophysical characteristics. The obtained results of the Laboratory are expanding considerably the structural base for rational design of the advanced fluorescent biomarkers for practical application. 

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