The scientific library

Scientific library

Employees of the library

The IBCh library has been being a full member of the Library of natural sciences RAS during 50 years. A library holding is constantly replenished with Russian and foreign literature if a new trend of researches in the Institute is appeared. This holding consists of over than 1 million units: foreign periodicals, b.r. and books. During the most difficult times for Russian science  in the 90th  variety of foreign periodicals even increased because of the Directions endeavour. The library is a one of the most attractive buildings of the Institute, boast of our staff and delight of our visitors. There librarians use modern methods of information search and its placing in disposal. More than that, there are electronic informational resources of international databases which are free of pay for our staff, graduates, students and visitors.

Photo: Dubinnyi M.A.

From 1988 the library is headed by

Alla L. Rogalskaya

Manager of lending library sector

Tatyana A. Shestakova

Manager of catalogues sector

Irina V. Nesmeyanova