International Advisory Board

The main featurs of the Board are:

  1. Analysis of the research topics and scientific results of the Institute, preparation of recommendations for the Scientific Council;
  2. Participation in scientific conferences of the Institute;
  3. Preparation of official comments on the state of scientific research in the Institute.

Advisory Board conclusions are published on the website of the Institute (publicly available information). 

Members of the Board

Michael Blackburn (UK), University of Sheffield

Aaron Ciechanover (Israel), Technion

Robert Huber (Germany), University of Duisburg-Essen

Roger Kornberg (USA), Stanford University

Iain Mattaj (Germany), European Molecular Biology Laboratory

Richard Roberts (USA), New England Biolabs

Joseph Schlessinger (USA), Yale university

Thomas Südhof (USA), Stanford university

Kurt Wüthrich (Switzerland / USA), ETH Zurich / The Scripps Research Institute

Arieh Warshel (Israel / USA), Weizmann Institute of Science / University of Southern California

Former members

Richard Lerner (1938-2021) (USA), The Scripps Research Institute

Sidney Altman (1939-2022) (USA), Yale university

Ferdinand Hucho (1939-2023) (Germany), Freie Universität Berlin