Scientific research in the Institute

Nowadays the Institute is the largest Russian sci-research center in the area of physico-chemical biology and biotechnology. Range of problems, which are researched in scientific departments of the Institute, includes almost all modern areas of biomolecular science. As traditional areas of research (organic synthesis of biologically active compounds, chemistry of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates and lipids) are preformed in the Institute as the most actual subjects for nowadays (genomic and proteome researches, molecular biotechnology and bioengineering, bioinformatics and molecular modeling). Molecular medicine is one of priority areas of the Institute’s researches. Its employees work on creation of new medicinal compounds, synthetic vaccines, systems of effective delivery of medicine. 

As fundamental research, so new methods and tools for research of different biological systems are being developed. Particularly, they do works on receipt of new and unique molecules which let research directly different biological processes in cells (molecular sensors, fluorescent proteins, low-molecular weight probes). These developments can be actively used in molecular biology, biotechnology and diagnostics.

Technical equipment of the Institute’s laboratories gives ability to do difficult experimental works in vitro and in vivo (cellular lines, test animals). Modern high-technological equipment (mass- and NMR-spectrometers, electronic and confocal fluorescent microscopes, supercomputers and so on) permit carrying out different interdisciplinary projects researching structure and mechanisms of the most important biomolecular systems’ activity (protein complexes, nucleic acids, cell membranes, etc.).

A lot of research is being accomplished in collaboration between foreign partners and the Institute. Specialists of IBCh RAS participate in different international projects what makes base for an effective integration of the Institute into the world scientific environment.

Results of researches are published in leading international and Russian scientific magazines which have high indexes of citation. On the base of the Institute was organized and are being issued scientific magazine “Bioorganicheskaya khimiya” (“Russian Journal of Bioorganic Chemistry”).