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Essential role of zinc ions in TLR1 receptor activation

Toll-like receptors are the key players of the innate immune response. Despite the numerous studies and huge amount of data regarding these proteins, the structural basis of their functioning has not yet been clearly elucidated. Scientists from IBCh RAS, together with their colleagues from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (China) discovered the essential role of zinc in the functioning of Toll-like receptor 1 and proposed possible mechanisms of zinc-mediated receptor activation. The work was funded by the RFBR grant 20-34-70024 and published in Communications Biology

TLR1, NMR, zinc, immunity, pathogen, TLR

Goncharuk S.A.

Lushpa VAGoncharuk MV, Lin C, Zalevsky AO, Talyzina IA, Luginina AP, Vakhrameev DD, Shevtsov MB, Goncharuk SA, Arseniev AS, Borshchevskiy VI, Wang X, Mineev KS

august 24, 2021