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"Molecular Brain" seminar

The seminar will take place on January 22 at 16:00 in the Minor hall. Professor Leonard Khiroug from the University of Helsinki (Finland) will talk about the "awake microscopy" methodology utilized for high-resolution brain imaging. Everyone is cordially invited.

January 22, 2019 (This event is over)

brain imaging, sub-cellular microscopy, awake microscopy, dendritic spine, neural circuit

Vassilevski A.A.

Speaker: Leonard Khiroug, adjunct professor at University of Helsinki and chief scientific officer at Neurotar Ltd (Finland)

Presentation title: Sub-cellular microscopic imaging in the brain of awake behaving mice

Author's abstract:

Microscopic analysis of brain cell morphology and function traditionally required immobilization of the mouse via full-body constraint or general anesthesia. Using innovative methodologies such as air-lifted home cage, it is now possible to visualize individual brain cells and subcellular structures (such as dendritic spines or mitochondria) in the brain of awake mice. Moreover, by tracking the animal's locomotion during the imaging experiment, we can correlate behavioral patterns with activation of specific neuronal circuits. In this seminar, we will present general principles of the "awake microscopy" and discuss several examples from recently published and unpublished work utilizing this methodology.


Chair: Alexey Semyanov; E-mail:

january 10, 2019

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