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Longitudinal profiling of human peripheral blood B cell clonal repertoire: memory B cell persistence and signs of negative and positive selection at the BCR repertoire level

Persistence of B cell clones and fine-tuning of their BCRs allow them to respond effectively to repeated immune challenges. Researchers from the Genomics of adaptive immunity department of IBCH in collaboration with colleagues from IITP and Skoltech, performed long-term study of structure and dynamics of BCR repertoire of memory B cells and antibody-secreting cells from peripheral blood of healthy donors.

Memory B cell BCR repertoire have distinctive features, relatively stable over time and largely unique to independent donors. Phylogenetic approach for BCR repertoire analysis showed evidence of positive and negative selection affecting affinity maturation after reactivation as well as protection of BCR functionality and antigen- specificity persisting memory clones.

The study published in eLife.


october 12, 2022