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Seminar: "Solving the mechanism of fungal bioluminescence"

8th of September (Thursday) 16:00, Dr Cassius Stevani will deliver a report on the mechanism of fungal bioluminescence: "Solving the mechanism of fungal bioluminescence". Room 34/508

September 8, 2016 (This event is over)

Yampolsky Ilia

Fungal bioluminescence and the mechanism involved in the light-emitting process remained a mystery for thousands of years since the first observation of Aristotle. In 2015, the first step on the elucidation of the mechanism was given by the description of its luciferin namely 3-hydroxyhispidin by Yampolsky’s group. Further studies have been then performed in Russia, Brazil and Japan in the last year. In this talk, some evidences are presented that support the key role of an alpha-pyrone endoperoxide as intermediate in the process - confirmed by labelling experiments.

september 3, 2016

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