Timofey V. Pyrkov

Ph.D. (physico-mathematical sciences)

E-mail: tim.pyrkov@gmail.com

Selected publications

  1. Pyrkova DV, Tarasova NK, Pyrkov TV, Krylov NA, Efremov RG (2011). Atomic-scale lateral heterogeneity and dynamics of two-component lipid bilayers composed of saturated and unsaturated phosphatidylcholines. Soft Matter 7 (6), 2569–2579
  2. Pyrkov TV, Ozerov IV, Balitskaya ED, Efremov RG (2010). Molecular docking: The role of noncovalent interactionsin the formation of protein-nucleotide and protein-peptide complexes. Russ. J. Bioorganic Chem. 36 (4), 446–455
  3. Novoseletsky VN, Pyrkov TV, Efremov RG (2010). Analysis of hydrophobic interactions of antagonists with the beta2-adrenergic receptor. SAR QSAR Environ Res 21 (12), 37–55
  4. Pyrkov TV, Chugunov AO, Krylov NA, Nolde DE, Efremov RG (2009). Complementarity of hydrophobic/hydrophilic properties in protein-ligand complexes: A new tool to improve docking results. Vierteljahrschr Soz Wirtschaftsgesch  (0), 21–41
  5. Pyrkov TV, Chugunov AO, Krylov NA, Nolde DE, Efremov RG (2009). PLATINUM: A web tool for analysis of hydrophobic/hydrophilic organization of biomolecular complexes. Bioinformatics 25 (9), 1201–1202
  6. Pyrkov TV, Pyrkova DV, Balitskaya ED, Efremov RG (2009). The role of stacking interactions in complexes of proteins with adenine and Guanine fragments of ligands. Acta Naturae 1 (1), 124–7
  7. Pyrkov TV, Priestle JP, Jacoby E, Efremov RG (2008). Ligand-specific scoring functions: Improved ranking of docking solutions. SAR QSAR Environ Res 19 (12), 91–99
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  9. Pyrkov TV, Kosinsky YA, Arseniev AS, Priestle JP, Jacoby E, Efremov RG (2007). Docking of ATP to Ca-ATPase: Considering protein domain motions. J Chem Inf Model 47 (3), 1171–1181
  10. Pyrkov TV, Kosinsky YA, Arseniev AS, Priestle JP, Jacoby E, Efremov RG (2007). Complementarity of hydrophobic properties in ATP-protein binding: A new criterion to rank docking solutions. Proteins 66 (2), 388–398
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