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Kurt Wüthrich took part in the workshop of the Structural biology department

Professor Kurt Wüthrich, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2002, visited Shemyakin–Ovchinnikov Institute of bioorganic chemistry RAS and took part in the workshop of the Structural biology department of the Institute (headed by Prof. Alexander Arseniev).

Kurt Wüthrich, structure, Proteins, NMR

Goncharuk Sergey

Kurt Wüthrich is the Full Professor of Scripps Res Institute, CA, USA and ETH, Switzerland, he is a member of International advisory board of Shemyakin–Ovchinnikov Institute. Professor Wüthrich is the world leader in NMR Spectroscopy. In mid 1980s, he established the approaches for the spatial structure investigation of biomolecules using NMR spectroscopy in solution, and since then, many advances in the field are associated with his name.

The workshop consisted of two sessions, the first session was chaired by Prof. Wüthrich and included three talks delivered by the leading scientists of the Structural biology department. Dr Eduard Bocharov spoke about his studies of the bitopic transmembrane domains, Dr. Zakhar Shenkarev delivered a talk about the combinatorial aminoacid-selective isotope labeling techniques in the NMR studies of ion channels and Dr. Konstantin Mineev told the audience about his latest findings in the field of the structural studies of large fragments of single-pass cell receptors. The second session was chaired by Prof. Vadim Ivanov and included the lecture of Prof. Wüthrich, which described the most recent study of his group, devoted to the solution NMR investigation of G-protein coupled receptors, and their interaction with various ligands.

Courtesy of Ekaterina Lyukmanova

In the final part of the meeting, Profs Vadim Ivanov and Alexander Gabibov expressed their gratitude to Kurt Wüthrich for his support. This meeting was arranged by prof. Alexander Arseniev, Dept of Structural Biology, and Multidisciplinary journal in Life Sciences Acta Naturae.

october 10, 2018