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Investigation of long-term fate of magnetic nanoparticles in mice

Scientists from Laboratory of molecular immunology of IBCh RAS performed first broad comprehensive study of factors which influence degradation rate of magnetic particles in mammals. For this aim magnetic spectral approach was developed, allowing non-invasive and quantitative measurement of magnetic particles in mice without influence of biogenic iron. Researchers studied the key factors that determine the degradation rate of nanoparticles: particle dose, size, zeta potential, type of polymer coating and internal architecture of nanoagents. The revealed deeper insights into the particle degradation in vivo may facilitate rational design of theranostic nanoparticles with predictable long-term fate in vivo. The work was published in ACS Nano.

bioimaging, nanoparticles

Grigorov A.S.

Zelepukin IV, Yaremenko AV, Ivanov IN, Yuryev MV, Cherkasov VR, Deyev SM, Nikitin PI, Nikitin MP

july 15, 2021